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How to use a Passive Volume Pedal as a Controller


Interesting use of a passive pedal as analog volume controller via Arduino and PD / Max/Msp

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more on diy potentiometers


nice DIY Potentiometers Article (with links and everything)

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“The final working version of the Bliptronic 5000 hacked into a low cost Monome clone.
with Bliptronome V2 firmware. Read the full entry on StrayTechnology Forum.

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Build your own Arduinome


Super easy instructions for building yourself an Arduino Based Monome. Nice renewal of the site.

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the sbx 16x4x3 (SkinnerBox StepSequencer)


Another, interesting arduino based step sequencer.
Very well documented.
People are just harvesting hardly!

as we want to connect 20 buttons, 2 potentiometers
and a 12 scale mode-selector, we need a total of 34 inputs. additionally, we want to control 20 led´s, so we need 20 digital outputs. the arduino has 6 analog inputs and 14 digital inputs/outputs, which is obviously not enough, so we are going to use five
4051 analog multiplexers to multiply our analog inputs and create a total of 40 inputs, and three 595 shift registers to multiply our digital outputs and create a total of 24 outputs.

Code Ready. Wow.
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Arduino goes to Unity = Power Glove 20th Anniversary Edition


Matt Mechtley has managed to port NES Power Glove to Unity, one of the major game development tools. Obliosly using Arudino. here’s the instuctable


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Beatseqr – an arduino mega based computer interface


Finally a good attempt to make an Arduino Based controller. Steve Cooley is presenting his Beatseqr.
The data is sent to the computer via OSC. Source code for the project is available on github.
Comment & congratulate on Beatseqr blog for the time and effort.  

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