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Arduino goes to Unity = Power Glove 20th Anniversary Edition


Matt Mechtley has managed to port NES Power Glove to Unity, one of the major game development tools. Obliosly using Arudino. here’s the instuctable


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RC MicroMachines


nice video and explanation from Tiago Serra on his project of Remoted Micro Machines. Codes & Project here (Portuguese). Photos here.

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Arduino to Nintendo DS interface


[Hounjini] was poking around at the Game Boy Advanced bus of his Nintendo DS lite and figured out how to use it to connect an Arduino to the DS. For testing he’s soldered an IDC plug to the cartridge cover pin interface but this only requires four connections. The Arduino can both send and receive data from the DS lite as shown in the example videos after the break. The data access is made possible by making the Arduino look like a controller that the DS is happy to talk to.

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Game controllers using USB host shield


Cool way to get Game controllers imput without hack too much the interface (and preserve some bool components). + some commercial help from the (incredibly cheap) bluetooth Usb Dongles.

Via Hackaday
Circuits@Home has put together some libraries that make it easy to use gaming controllers with an Arduino. They interface through the USB host shield.
This means that PS3 controllers connect via USB through a cable or a
dongle. With the Wii remote things get a little more interesting. A Bluetooth dongle
is used to make the connection wirelessly. What we have here is a cheap
and easy way to add Bluetooth connectivity to your projects either
through the USB Host shield, or by building your own hardware with the schematics and code that are available from Circuits@Home.
There are several pages that walk you through the protocols using as
well as a demonstration video you can see after the break.