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EZ-Expander Shield for Arduino


As I’m reading, the “EZ-Expander shield is available for purchase in the nootropic design store and the new Makers Market operated by Make Magazine. It can be purchased as a kit for only US$12.95 (that’s less than a dollar per new pin!), or fully assembled and tested for US$17.95.

It’s basically a multiplexer shield, enlarging the Arduino pinOuts possibilities of 13 pins (that are to be used as outputs).
Nice price, as the advert says less than a dollar per new pin!
Nice tool.

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Nice mix of Karl Castleton’s RoboSapienIRand Ethernet Library’s WebServer.

Check out everything you need to know to build one your own.
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i-SOBOT + Arduino


Hack of an i-SOBOT with Arduino. Many info (not only in japanese) and a shield for Arduino + GUI for Mac
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TwypeWriter (Twitter Monitoring Typewriter)


Nice Oomlout wat to have a twitter-related typewriter. Arduino (+ethernet shield) searches for a keyword and then physically prints the results for everyone in the office.
Code ready.

Good work!

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The Arduino Eye Shield


The Arduino Eye Shield by David Chatting is a circuit board that can be plugged on top of the Arduino allowing it to interpret analogue video (PAL or NTSC) from a camera or other source. It gives the Arduino the power of sight. I can see allot of potential for interesting live video manipulation here

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TellyMate Shield. SnakeDuino on your TV-


Nice project shield to get your arduino TvOut. For £15.00. Fair. Follow the thread on the Arduino Forum.

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How to build a web connected gas meter with your Arduino


[Richard] points out nother way to spread information over the internet via arduino (as he did in this post on eHome). He tries to send gas information to the Pachube, using EEML as the format.
Read the full entry.

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Microprinter RSS Arduino Driven


Nice step by step project to display feeds on a microprinter.

The concept of Microprinting as described by Tom Taylor is “an experiment in physical activity streams and notification, using a repurposed receipt printer connected to the web”. Using this and the works of others as inspiration, I set about making my own Internet connected printer.

Before starting the project, I hadn’t had any previous experience of building electronic circuits, and it had been over 10 years since I had last picked up a soldering iron. Unperturbed, I set out and acquired everything I needed for the project:

The serial output of the Arduino board isn’t natively compatible with the printer – you need to run the signal through the MAX233 chip to transform the output to the correct voltage.

read the full article.

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Arduino + Xbee = 3 PCB found on the web


3 Arduino-related microcontrollers Xbee-ready.
It seems that one of the directions taken from several producers worldwide is to have a new design in Xbee-Ready products.
Like Seeduino’s Stalker, Luke Wenston & Andy Gelme PCB(no name provided yet) and Adafruit’s WiseDuino

Photos & links.

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XArduino – A 400-MIPS co-processor for Arduino


“The XArduino board provides Arduino applications with a 400 MIP’s multi-threaded 32-bit co-processor, as well as providing a VGA video output and PS/2 keyboard/mouse input for Arduino application.

It features a standard XTAG-2 to for programming and debugging. In addition the XTAG-2 interface will allow for XK-1 boards to access the VGA and PS/2 interfaces as well as way of connecting standard Arduino shields.”

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