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Wireless Robotics Platform: Cheap R/C Vehicle + Arduino + XBee + Processing


Wow. I definetly have to check this step by step guide to build your own Processing-controlled car.
Toy Hacking is one of the best way to learn how to deal with little hardware. Very well detailed.
Some Features:

  • All logic controlling the vehicle is performed in a Processing program running on remote computer. The Arduino program listens for commands from the remote computer.
  • Bi-directional wireless communication over XBee radios with (theoretical) 1-mile range. I’ve accomplished 1/4 mile range with these radios.
  • Sensor events are transmitted from the vehicle to the controlling computer. This vehicle has 3 microswitches – two on front bumper and one at the rear.
  • Original circuitry of vehicle replaced with dual H-Bridge circuit to control drive motor and turn motor. Drive motor is controlled with variable speed.
  • Power: Vehicle motors powered by 4 AA batteries. Arduino with XBee shield powered by 9V battery mounted at front of vehicle.
  • Simple communications protocol: 2 byte commands from controller to vehicle, one byte sensor readings from vehicle to controller.

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OpenEnergyMonitor – Documentation finished for the whole home energy monitor


Over the Top:
The project Top: The display, Middle: The main unit with CT sensor, Voltage sensing, USB datalogging… Bottom: Ethernet unit for internet connectivity, Very Bottom: graphs

The energy monitor is working away logging energy consumption data, giving some informative readouts and nice looking graphs! there’s more about it in the blog post here and the documentation here.

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Arduino + Xbee = 3 PCB found on the web


3 Arduino-related microcontrollers Xbee-ready.
It seems that one of the directions taken from several producers worldwide is to have a new design in Xbee-Ready products.
Like Seeduino’s Stalker, Luke Wenston & Andy Gelme PCB(no name provided yet) and Adafruit’s WiseDuino

Photos & links.

via [PracticalArduino]

via [seeduino]

via [adafruit]

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