Nice mix of Karl Castleton’s RoboSapienIRand Ethernet Library’s WebServer.

Check out everything you need to know to build one your own.
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Build your own Arduinome


Super easy instructions for building yourself an Arduino Based Monome. Nice renewal of the site.

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Twitter Controlled LED IKEA Table using Bluetooth


Nice Arduino Bluetooth-based hack around an Ikea Table visualising Twitter.

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LM35 to sense negative temperature


It is always nice to see things moving around you. Not long ago I posted a nice Italian tutorial (“a good reason to start learning italian“) about millis() and FSM in Arduino by Vittorio Zuccalà. Now a newborn italian blog from a dedicated italian forum user is starting giving away knowledge.

You can download a pdf of a step by step guide here, the code here.
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Bring the crane game home


Now we all can learn & train to win the naughty crane ganes.

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Here’s direct link to the Instructable

New home monitoring setup – part 1


The second post of the week about open source home monitoring.
Part – 1 means that for now you can read just a long list of pieces of hardware.
But then: home monitoring and X10 are the more interesting projects around.

waiting for part 2!
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Babuinobot Project


Isn’t an Arduino visual programming tool for kids (and noobs) everybody’s dream?
Well, by reading this documentation. All you have to do is downloading the software and go through the instructions.

Loving these picture of youngsters interacting with PC & technologies

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Poorman’s oscilloscope (with Arduino + Processing) AND Arduinoscope


If you are looking for visual representation of an analog signal using Arduino and Processing then you might download these skecthes.

Oscilloscope.pde 1.88 KB
oscilloscope.h 2.92 KB

The if you are looking for a more rieliable and debugged sketch / program doing preatty much the same thing, then the Arduinoscope if for you.
Try both. Customize. Enjoy.

via [Accrochanges]
via [Arduinoscope’s Github]

Arduino Helicopter Game


Wow. Really interesting helicopter game with several nice feautures.


  • just under 8kb (so it should fit a cheap Atmega-8)
  • Speed and block size grow
  • Still a little glitchy, weird artifacts, is anyone able to fix them?
  • Day and Night mode, hold the button when game over for night mode, gentle press for day
  • Score build in, post your highscore in the comments ;)

To play:

  • Connect a KS0108 LCD as described in the library’s page
  • Connect a button with a pull-down resistor to pin 12
  • Make sure the KS0108 library is available
  • Upload the sketch
  • Enjoy!

Download it here…

nice job Dave.
Via [Ardx] and [MAKE]

Cakes. Tea Time.


Tea Time.

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