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Arduino + LCD + PHP, Part 2


Second Lesson of Arduino + LCD +  Php project by Juystin from [BrockenCityLabs]

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Arduino Helicopter Game


Wow. Really interesting helicopter game with several nice feautures.


  • just under 8kb (so it should fit a cheap Atmega-8)
  • Speed and block size grow
  • Still a little glitchy, weird artifacts, is anyone able to fix them?
  • Day and Night mode, hold the button when game over for night mode, gentle press for day
  • Score build in, post your highscore in the comments ;)

To play:

  • Connect a KS0108 LCD as described in the library’s page
  • Connect a button with a pull-down resistor to pin 12
  • Make sure the KS0108 library is available
  • Upload the sketch
  • Enjoy!

Download it here…

nice job Dave.
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Arduino Mandelbrot Set Viewer


Mandelbrot Set viewer (with analog scrolling zoom) on a 128×64 graphic LCD. code and image ready.

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More Arduino + LCD + PHP fun


A step by step guide to have your arduino receiving (and displaying) php (via processing).
Also a nice bibliography of the project. Thanks Justin!

Annotated bibliography for the last couple of weeks: (serial –> LCD … this is making more sense now, using case breaks to look for specific characters to insert a function, such as starting a new line) (control arduino through html) (arduino serial reading) (potential sms forwarding to email option) (this is what I would need to receive messages, not as simple as a number, but maybe the best way to avoid having to get another phone number, I should also ask about a potential shortcode) (notes on how to bring sms messages into an application using HTTP POST) (this is the kind of service I’ll need for this project … SMS messages forwarded to email or accessible through HTTP requests … with the possibility of getting a Windsor-based number AKA longcode) (this is an example of interfacing PHP Serial with Arduino, and I suspect old enough that many of the problems the author ran into aren’t there any longer … maybe it’s been silly of me to ignore PHP … I actually have a decent idea of what I’m doing there) (helpful to get PHP running properly on 10.6) (maybe or maybe not useful in some capacity, using arduino to check email) (serial commands);num=1192470251 (word wrapping in Arduino) (word wrapping more)

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