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Wave mix arduino synth osc + MIDI + ADSR


Arduino Mega doing wavetable osc function with ADSR envelope. Coplex yet clever use of analogIn(s). It’s a nice project held by neutronium (blogging as well on Physical Guitar synth project) Cool.
Code provided on the arduino forum post. The all project is to modulate / mix / output control signal for VCF
via [Neutron-synth]


Android G1 serial to Arduino


Nice Instructable to get your G1 talking Serial to Arduino.
via [hackaday]

UPDATE:  check this Amarino project kit concisting in an Android App + a Arduino library to get you ready listening to the physical word.

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Arduino Hard Drive Clock by NatureTM


Crazi spinning HardDrive Clock from Hacked Gadgets Forum contributor NatureTm.
No code provided (yet?)

“The first interrupt just records the time that the slot reaches the sensor and sets the position to zero. [It actually sets the position to the offset value since the sensor isn’t at 12 o’clock and I like to think of 12 as pos 0.] Now I can tell how long a rotation takes and how long it has been since the last completed rotation.”
Via hackedgadgets (read the original forum post here).

Connecting a PS2 Keyboard to an Arduino


Andreas form Malta shows us how to connect and use Arduino with a standard PS2 Keyboard, a nice step by step instructable-style post.

After some soldering he basically uses PS2Keyboard library overwrote with PS2KeyboardExt2. Nice.

Arduino + Canon DSLRs = TimeLapse Photography and Video Shoot


Wow. Two nice posts on how to use & control your Canon 5D Mark II both for shooting and triggering photos. Via InfraRed!

Automatically resume video shooting on a Canon 5D Mark II
Infrared Controlled TimeLapse Photography with Canon DSLRs

both Circuit & Codes ready!
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Arduino + iPhone = Human API


Interesting Polar T31 Heart Rate Transmitter (found under 40$ on the web) + Heart Rate Monitor Interface + Arduino + iPhone App enabling to send around or monitorize your heart frequency.

via HumanApi

also on appleunofficial

Arduino and BlinkM Music Visualizer


Wonderful yet triky music visualization with BlinkM.


  • 1 Arduino
  • 4 BlinkM units (salvaged from the wireless blinkm project)
  • 1 plastic case for the enclosure
  • lm386 low voltage power amplifier (overkill since i’m not driving anything but it’s the only opamp I had lying around)
  • prototype board, wires, resistors, caps, headers, standoffs, screws, sockets, connectors

Code & Circuits ready!


Dorkshop NYC: Physical Computing with David Cuartielles


If you’re in NYC on Tuesday the 16th of March you’ll have the chance to meet & hack with Davide Cuartielles, and present your work in a 3-5 min presentation. See you there

Dorkshop: Physical Computing with David Cuartelles
Tuesday, March 16, 2010 – 12:00pm – 6:00pm
Parsons the New School for Design
2 W 13th Street, 10th Floor Design & Technology Lab
NYC, New York
RSVP at Dorkshop or view the event on Facebook

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