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Control your iPod with ease using the iPod Serial library


Nice Ipod Control library on Make.


How to use a Passive Volume Pedal as a Controller


Interesting use of a passive pedal as analog volume controller via Arduino and PD / Max/Msp

via [LittleScaleBlog]

The Brushduino


From [CamelPunch] Steve is explaning his Brushduino project:
The Problem:
My daughters don’t brush their teeth long enough, if left to their own devices. When my wife or I brush their teeth, we do a nice thorough job that takes a little while but when the girls do it themselves, they tend to cut it short. Timing them doesn’t help, as they just stand there and chit-chat until the timer goes off. It’s not that they don’t brush their teeth LONG enough, it’s that they don’t brush their teeth WELL enough.

The Solution:

When you fire it up, it plays the opening bars of the Super Mario Brothers theme song while randomly flashing the white LED’s. Then it starts instructing on what area of the mouth to brush.
Each time a section of the mouth has been brushed sufficiently (stroke count was based on experimentation and dentist recommendations) a few more bars of the Super Mario Brothers theme song is played (along with light show) and then the next white LED starts flashing. It’s easier to see the pattern than it is to describe it. The section they’re supposed to be brushing at any point in time is blinking with the already-brushed portions of the mouth lit fully on.

Check the full post with the code!
Thanks Steve!
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Beatseqr – an arduino mega based computer interface


Finally a good attempt to make an Arduino Based controller. Steve Cooley is presenting his Beatseqr.
The data is sent to the computer via OSC. Source code for the project is available on github.
Comment & congratulate on Beatseqr blog for the time and effort.  

via [MAKE]

Wave mix arduino synth osc + MIDI + ADSR


Arduino Mega doing wavetable osc function with ADSR envelope. Coplex yet clever use of analogIn(s). It’s a nice project held by neutronium (blogging as well on Physical Guitar synth project) Cool.
Code provided on the arduino forum post. The all project is to modulate / mix / output control signal for VCF
via [Neutron-synth]

Arduino and BlinkM Music Visualizer


Wonderful yet triky music visualization with BlinkM.


  • 1 Arduino
  • 4 BlinkM units (salvaged from the wireless blinkm project)
  • 1 plastic case for the enclosure
  • lm386 low voltage power amplifier (overkill since i’m not driving anything but it’s the only opamp I had lying around)
  • prototype board, wires, resistors, caps, headers, standoffs, screws, sockets, connectors

Code & Circuits ready!