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Geek-My-Ride: notes after the Open Source Computer Car


ning around the internet you can find the strangest projects.
This happen to be one of the wildest: working after an open source computer car “to take automotive computer technology to the next level“.
I don’t know whether this project is linked to Mpeguino, but the sponsor page make me doubt it.
Shall we wait for the true open source car, don’t we??
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more on diy potentiometers


nice DIY Potentiometers Article (with links and everything)

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Bring the crane game home


Now we all can learn & train to win the naughty crane ganes.

Via [Hackaday]
Here’s direct link to the Instructable

Cakes. Tea Time.


Tea Time.

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Liquidware Madness: overclocking Arduino


Craziest Liquidware people changed the Arduino Crystal from 16MHz to 32 MHz.
Via [Liquidware]

Arduino Microcontroller Feature & Size Comparison by


Arduino Microcontroller Feature & Size Comparison by
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Arduino e programmare stati finiti


Really, really interesting post from vittorio about finished state machines. Another good reason to learn italian (btw, the code is code!).

via [Vittorio Zuccala’s blog]

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TV-B-Gone for the Arduino


Digging around Ken Shirrifs’ Blog I discorver another interesting post: the porting of the TV-B-Gone on Arduino (not using the IR library – check why).
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Rapid prototyping mini circuits for Arduino


long ago, one of my favourite blogs posted nice instructions for prototyping more complex sensors and actuators for the arduino.

Still very interesting.

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LED Umbrella with Arduino