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Build a High-Speed Laser-Triggered Photography Rig to Capture Split Second Exposures


Interesting photo rig from belgian photographer fotoopa (which, we hear, as “foto opa,” means something like “photo grandpa” in Dutch).

Those tho arms have infrared lasers which act as a trigger for the shutter. With such a rig wou can’t miss the right moment to tak ethe picture. You can visit this link below to see his technical schematics and diagrams, along with photos of him constructing the rig. If you have no intention of building such an elaborate rig, we’d still suggest taking a peek at his galleries.

 You can view his insect gallery here and his water droplets gallery here.

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SkyDuino – Webcam Pan/tilt via Skype


Nice use of Arduino and Skype API to control a webcam wirelessly. (Windows-only)
[HARI] provides all the sourcecode as well.

Building a laser trigger for your camera


Another Camera-Related (jack-input oriented) Arduino Trigger. Nice Images. ++

You can tell it has been written by a photograph: very good pictures!

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Laser trigger for camera via Arduino

Arduino + Canon DSLRs = TimeLapse Photography and Video Shoot


Wow. Two nice posts on how to use & control your Canon 5D Mark II both for shooting and triggering photos. Via InfraRed!

Automatically resume video shooting on a Canon 5D Mark II
Infrared Controlled TimeLapse Photography with Canon DSLRs

both Circuit & Codes ready!
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